Oregon pole saw review 2021. is it best in low price??

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I am doing extensive research on almost all of the landscaping tools that are available through the online store and have never come across one like the Oregon Cordless 40V Max PS 250 Pole Saw.

It has got the look of a professional pole with all the benefits of being a completely eco-friendly product.

In this Oregon pole saw review, I give a critical analysis of what this saw offers users and would-be users. This review helps you understand the pros and cons of the Oregon 40V PS250 Pole Saw. This review will help you clear your purchase decision based on whether the equipment is for you or not.

The Oregon PS250 Pole saw is powered by a 40v max lithium-ion battery that perfectly cuts 2 to 3-inch branches. The pole saw is ergonomically designed for handy use. It has a mid-mount motor design for a better balance of the tool and the saw can be expanded up to 10 feet for easy access of taller limbs. Expert, this saw is very fun to use as it doesn’t need gas-oil mixing and it has no pull cords.

At a glance PS250 Pole Saw

Power Source
Battery Type
Lithium ion batteries
Chain Tensioning
5.97 Pounds
Extendable reach
up to 15 feet
Adjustable Collar:
7 to 10 feet
56.75 x 9.25 x 7.75 inches
Electric Start

Design of PS250 pole saw?

Some pole saws can drain you, especially if you work long hours. Not only is this the case with the Oregon Pole, but it is lightweight and comfortable. The PS250 has an ergonomic design that helps you use it for a long time without exhaustion. The handle of the PS250 is ergonomic and comfortable. The pole is telescopic and can mark up to 10.5 feet. There is no auto chain tension system. You will need to use a wrench to rotate the nut and adjust it. An automatic oiling system is available in this pole saw. So you do not need to oil the bar and chain manually before use.

What is the cutting capacity?

You can achieve the ability to cut 500 branches that are about 2 to 3 inches thick.

What are the noise levels?

I like this poll very much because the noise level is quite low so you don’t bother your neighbors. However, it is always better to use ear protection when using such motor tools.

Does it have an automatic oiling system?

Yes, this Oregon pole saw (PS250) also has an auto oiler. So you don’t have to worry about oiling your bars when you cutting or pruning trees. Auto oilers help you doing oil the chains and bars and make a well-oiled bar and chain that improves cutting efficiency and tool durability.

How much is the warranty?

The Oregon PS250 40V cordless pole saw gives you a limited 2-year warranty. If you find any kind of error while using it, you can get a replacement.

What is the price?

The Oregon PS250 electric pole saw is expensive compared to some other saws I think. But It’s a great quality tool that we recommend with extra features.

Why people like PS250 Pole Saw?

The Saw has an impressive 4.0 Ah lithium-Ion battery that ensures you It will help you to use it for a long time

Extendable reach up to 15 feet

Oregon pole saw is compact for easy handling

Oregon is 4 times quieter than a gas powered saw

This tool is easy to assemble, disassemble, and use

its simple design, it makes this pole saw really strong and durable.

Easy to use

The price is great

Limited warranty of 2 years

Cons of the Oregon Pole Saw

  • The pole saw is much heavier than the other pole saw.
  • This Oregon pole has a tendency to jump its cutting chain when go to cut something huge weight.
  • The price is much high
  • There is a possibility that you may get a defective battery if you buy this product. If this is the case, it is important to talk to the customer about the replacement.

What do users think about this?

  • It is extremely powerful with 40v Lithium-ion batteries
  • In one single charge it can cut more than 500 cuts.
  • It is easy to start with the instant start function.
  • Oregon pole saw is 4 times quieter than a gas-powered saw.
  • Oregon pole saw is compact for easy handling.
  • It comes with shoulder straps that give comfort.
  • This tool is able to extend up to 15 feet.

I am sure that people like me are really surprised to see this pole. The Oregon Cordless Pole saw Trimming Tools have received a lot of positive reviews from existing customers. Because It really has the look and power of the typical gas-powered saws. Users like this pole saw because it comes with an automatic oiling system and an auto-tensioning system. Especially for those who are experienced in these types of jobs pruning and cutting trees. I guarantee you will be amazed at how much similar it is to ordinary gas-powered professional-grade saws.

Reasons to Buy This Saw :

Reviewing the above points, we can say that the manufacturer has an offer of what the PS250 pole saw, without any limitations.

Many users give positive reviews that without any pressure this saw pays for the money and gets the job done. Besides This pole saw has a good balance so you can use it for long trimming without getting tired and it is very easy to use. Of course, any tool that can pay for your money is this one.

The interesting part here is that replacements for this product are not as expensive as batteries or chains.

So it’s like buying similar cars, and one just happens to have cheaper spare parts in general.


Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Pole saws are used for pruning and trimming trees. These are specifically designed for use with tall trees that cannot be pruned with ordinary hand tools.

If you don’t handle pole saws properly it can be dangerous. you should be used with caution.

Firstly, You should clean the pole saw every week with a brush and a fresh cloth. Then, lubricate the chains and vacant the bar into the oil container. Finally, pack it up and store it in a cool, cool, and dry place.

No. Actually, there has some difference between a chain saw and a pole saw.

The length of a chainsaw and a pole saw is The main difference between is their length. Chainsaws are short and used to cut trees or logs, to work very close to your body. A pole saw is long and it is mainly used for cutting and trimming in places where you cannot reach with your own chainsaw.

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