Craftsman Pole Saw Review 2021. is it better with low budget?

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Craftsman pole saw review

Craftsman produced the V20 Pole saw, and in this Craftsman pole saw review, I give you a critical analysis of what this saw offers users and would-be users. I am honestly sure that this review helps you understand the pros and cons of the CRAFTSMAN V20 Pole Saw. It will help you to take your best decision to buy this tool and you will clear about this product.

About Craftsman brand :

Craftsman is a tool, lawn and garden equipment and a line of workwear. Originally a home brand emerged by Sears, the brand is now owned by Stanley Black & Decker.
on May 20, 1927 Craftsman trademark was registered by Sears.
These were first sold in 1927 through the neutralize catalog and in retail stores.
In March 2017, Stanley Black & Decker acquired the Craftsman brand from Sears Holdings, which retains limited licenses for artisan products.
Now they are well known for producing quality equipment. Craftsman V20 Pole saw it as another of their many inventions. It is strong, it has a brand name of nobility.

At a glance Craftsman V20

Power Source
Battery Type
V20 Lithium Ion
Motor Power
4.0 Ah battery
5.97 Pounds
Reach Length
14 Feet
Tool Length
10 Feet
Bar Length
8 Inches
3 Year

Design of CMCCSP20M1

Like other electric pole saws, the design is quite same and original. The angled head of this pole saw will make your cutting more comfortable, giving proper cuts. Another added feature that offers the saw an edge in the market is the branch hook that aids in removing home-keeping, lawn work leaves, maintenance, and lose branches.

What is the cutting capacity?

The Craftsman V20 Pole Chainsaw has a powerful motor and is equipped with a 4.0 Ah battery that lets you handle tasks. This gives you better performance for daily pruning. The saw has a height of 14 feet so that users can reach a reasonable distance.

Angle head

The  Craftsman V20 has an angle head that can help users to adjust any dimension.

How good is the durability?

The Craftsman V20 is strong and durable. With regular use, you will be able to use it for many years like a professional.

About Pole and Bar Chain.

The main bar length is 8 Inches. The tool length is 10 Feet and the pole reach length is 14 Feet.  Another good thing is that the head of the saw is angled so that the blade can rotate in different directions and of course it makes the cutting more faster and comfortable.

Comfortable Handle

This CRAFTSMAN V20 Pole Saw has a mild and super grip that helps you to maintain the pole saw easily and smoothly, this saw handle allows users to a comfortable and ensuring utmost maneuverability. Its handle is also a form of anti-vibration, limiting the waves that users will feel while running.

How much is the warranty?

You will be happy to know that the Craftsman V20 has a limited three-year warranty on the pole chainsaw. This warranty is a good time to stay against production defects.  you can gain three years of full-field maintenance, lawn work, home-keeping, and even professional work experience. If you find any error while using this craftsman pole saw, you can get a replacement.

Why people like SWJ803E-CMO?

The Saw has 4.0 Ah lithium-Ion battery that ensures you It will help you to use it for a long time

Saw’s has powerful motor engine that runs powerfully.

The Height of Pole is an impressive 14 ft

Very simple to handling it.

This tool is easy to use.

The price is great

Limited warranty of 3 years

Well reviewed by users

What do users think about this?

  • Most customers who purchased this pole saw have given it a thumbs up when it comes to performance and comfort of use.
  • They find the tool durable and made with proper quality materials that will last for a while.
  • They appreciate the battery (V20 lithium-ion 4.0 Ah battery) of this pole saw that keeps great times and helps users.
  • They find the saw’s head is angled so the blade can rotate in various directions and, of course, makes cutting more comfortable and faster.

Cons of the Oregon Pole Saw

  • Pole might show some bending
  • There may be some balance problems due to weight distribution
  • sometimes The edge of the blade is hard to see

Reasons to Buy This Saw

By reviewing the above points we can easily say that this pole has many additional features including user satisfaction. Many users give positive reviews that without any pressure this saw pays for the money and gets the job done. Besides This pole saw has a good balance so you can use it for long trimming without getting tired and it is very easy to use. Of course, any tool that can cost you money is this and this one.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Pole saws are used for pruning and trimming trees. These are specifically designed for use with tall trees that cannot be pruned with ordinary hand tools.

If you don’t handle pole saws properly it can be dangerous. you should be used with caution.

Firstly, You should clean the pole saw every week with a brush and a fresh cloth. Then, lubricate the chains and vacant the bar into the oil container. Finally, pack it up and store it in a cool, cool, and dry place.

No. Actually, there has some difference between a chain saw and a pole saw.

The length of a chainsaw and a pole saw is The main difference between is their length. Chainsaws are short and used to cut trees or logs, to work very close to your body. A pole saw is long and it is mainly used for cutting and trimming in places where you cannot reach with your own chainsaw.

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