Best Electric Pole Saw Review 2021

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Not all the time, you have to deal with trees or wood on a ground level. Frequently, there comes up some situations in which you have to deal with tall trees, where you can’t use a saw just by standing on the ground, RIGHT? 

Best Electric Pole Saw

In such situations, when the skin it’s hard to grab the ladder and to reach the top through the ladder and cut the logs standing right over the ladder. It’s just not appropriate to use, doesn’t make you focus more on work and makes the job full of hassle.

But isn’t it great if we introduce you to a tool that can ease your struggle? Yes, we are talking about the best electric pole saw that can do the job without any ladder.

But What Is an Electric Pole Saw?

Still not sure what electric pole saws are? What they help you do, and how you can make your work hassle-free?To check best electric pole saw ket’s have a quick overview:

Previous Edition | The No-Electric Saw

Earlier, an electric-free saw was a tool that contained a cutting-edge blade, wire and a chain to cut wood or hard-rock materials. But when a person used to do any job., it extracts the buckets of sweets out of its user.

Progressed Edition | The Electric Saw

We see turning that no-electric saw into an electric chainsaw with a bit of technology that comes up with a powered battery that cuts the hard material and tree branches with its sharp and solid teeth integrated with a rotatory chain.

 The battery that keeps the chainsaw runs teeth moving and helps you cut the trees fearlessly.  The person used to set the ladder, carry the chainsaw and climb up the ladder.

Here comes the most tricky and dangerous part: that person must divide his focus into two parts. His mind focused on balancing his body and cutting off the wood simultaneously, which was difficult., hard, and risky!

Electric “Pole” Chainsaw | For Heights & Long Trees

Thanks to the evolving technology and intelligent human thinking capability, we no longer have to deal with ultimate and tiresome hassles.

It’s a 100% reality that you are not a Giraffe who doesn’t care about the heights and tallness of trees, and he just does his work (Munching leaves, you know!) right away. To reach the pinnacles of trees, an Electric pole chainsaw came into being.

It contains two main parts. The former one is Pole, and the other one is the actual Saw. This tool’s overall and main purpose is to minimize your tall tree cutting hassle by attaching the chainsaw with the long pole, allowing you to cut the wood without any ladder.

1.CRAFTSMAN Pole Saw Review | V20

When it comes to Craftsman Pole V20 Saw, reaching the top of the heights while sawing is the major issue being faced.

To achieve maximum heights, pole attachments and pole extensions are added to the pole saw, a power source of lithium-ion, distinguishing it from the regular chainsaws available in the market. It is a complete package.

Extended Run Time

This is a great feature that allows pole saw to run for a long time. With its high capacity of a 4.0 Ah battery, the bar saw runs for a long time with maximum efficiency. It features a powerful motor along with a V20. Lithium-ion battery so that you can complete your task at hand. You can cut a hundred times in a one-time charge. The total weight of the pole saw is around 6.2 lbs.

Extended Reach

The extended reach feature allows you to reach up to 14 feet easily. It is a versatile chainsaw as It features an extension pole in which the main pole extends and helps you reach the maximum height, and gives you the same precise cut.

An additional attachment with the pole saw enables it to get a total impressive 14 feet height. It has a tool length of 10 feet and a bar length of 8 inches.

Precise Cutting

Precise cuts enable precision cutting without any error or difficulty. An angled head and blade in the pole saw allows cutting in every direction with precision. The 6 inches sturdy blades made of steel slice limbs effortlessly. It easily cuts off woods ranging from 4 – 6 inches.

The edge makes trimming quite easy and manageable. It has a cut limit of 325 cuts. The cut will be sharp, precise and accurate. It comes with another amazing feature of a branch hook that assists in removing loose branches or leaves.

Maximum Maneuverability

It comes with a soft and super comfortable grip, gentle on the hands. The grip is sturdy and makes sure that the user has a firm grasp, allowing maximum maneuverability. The pole saw handle is anti-vibrant while limiting the waves of vibration felt by the user as it may affect the working process.

The assembly of the pole saw is very easy. Just follow the manual and put the parts in the places, and you are good to go. Craftsman V.20 pole saws do work efficiently without any stress and are a great value for money. This tool provides precise cutting, and it runs for a long time due to the powerful battery.


  • It has a long battery life
  • It comes with a warranty of 3 years
  • The long reach of the pole saw is quite impressive.
  • The handle of the pole saw is comfortable
  • The price is best according to features.


● The use of pole extension makes the pole saw heavy.
● It does not include bar oil.
● The pole extension rods are not very durable.

2.Sun Joe Pole Saw Review | SWJ803E-CMO

This innovative Sun Joe Pole Saw is the outdoor tool assists you in trimming overgrown branches and trees with ease. It takes all the difficulty and cuts all unnecessary parts of trees. It is electrically powered. Just push the button, and it will do all the hard work for you. It is also residential friendly.


It is quite a versatile tool as it is ideal for cutting thin logs and hanging branches with ease. You just have to stand on a solid, firm place and adjust the device according to the direction, and it will do all the work for you.

The SWJ803E pole saw weighs around 7.9 lb. There is less difficulty in pointing it up towards hanging branches. This SWJ803E comes with a safety switch (built-in) to prevent any sort of accidental starting.


You don’t have to worry about cutting unwanted branches hanging up in the air. With SWJ803E, you can reach up to 14 feet as the pole can extend from 5.8 to 8.8 inches.

So it can give you a total reach of 15 feet, making your work a lot easier. It is ideal for household jobs as it is designed to handle thinner branches. Due to the angled head, the fallen branches will not fall upon you, avoiding any kind of injury for the user.

Powerful Motor

It comes with a robust 8 amp motor which makes it more efficient and fast in trimming. Just switch it and push the button, and it will start cutting all the unnecessary stuff without any stress or difficulty.

This can easily handle stubborn and thick tree limbs. SWJ803E is an electrically powered device. You don’t have to worry about smokes, unpredicted starters or costly tune-ups.  It features an effortless start-up and easy push trigger. Simply just switch and use.


SWJ803E comes with a multi-angle head feature that allows you to cut in different directions. The head can move from zero degrees to 30 degrees, allowing precise cuts in multi directions.

The multi-directional cutting head can cut limbs even with a thickness of 9.5 inches. It features a 10 inches bar made from durable material and a 10 inches chain, an auto oiler. During usage of the tool, the bar and the chain will be fully friction and lubricated. It comes with a warranty of two years.

Sun Joe SWJ803E is a complete package with an oil tank, blade sheath, telescopic pole, blade, screwdriver and switch. It is known for its durable construction and cutting quality, so it’s worth the money.


  • It is made of metal and durable plastic material.
  • It is easy to handle and lightweight.
  • The startup is quite easy.
  • It features automatic lubrication
  • It comes with a two years warranty.


  • You might face difficulty in adjusting chains.
  • If the branch is too thick, you might struggle cutting it with this tool.
  • When it’s not in use, the oil may leak.

We are here with an 18 Volt Cordless Pole Saw from Ryobi. This is one of the most rugged and durable cordless pole saws that you can currently find in the market. It is powered by an 18 Volt Lithium Ion Battery that is rechargeable, which gives it its portable functionality and long-lasting feature.

Long Pole Design

The Ryobi One+ is a portable chainsaw. One of its most amazing features is its rod extension extending the pole saw to almost 9.5ft, making it ideal for cutting and visiting places hard to reach.

The extended pole feature allows the bar to be versatile and allows the user to get their desired cut for areas that cannot be reached by conventional chainsaws.


The pole saw has a character to it with its neon-coloured design. Moreover, it is made from premium material that gives it long-lasting durability and robust nature and keeps the weight light for easy manoeuvrability and usage.

The portable pole saw, with its lightweight, is easy to handle and use in every circumstance.

Automated Oiler for Chain

Ryobi has given proper attention to their portable pole saw and made sure that it is durable, robust and can last long to provide the consumer with ease and benefit.

This pole saw includes an automated oiler that oils the saw chain, which reduces the heat produced even in tough and rough conditions, giving the chain long-lasting life.

Lined Motor Design

Ryobi’s One+ portable saw motor is designed to align with the saw chain that gives the pole saw precision. The inline design of the engine allows the chain to move in a concise direction, making it easier for the consumer to cut through objects with precision.

Moreover, it also helps the saw to work more efficiently and increases the power due to the in-line nature of the motor.

8 Inches Bar and Chain

The Bar of the portable saw that is included in the package is 8 Inches. It is not only rugged but also very powerful and durable. Its sharp edges give the consumer the ease to cut through almost every object daily, making it an ideal portable pole saw for gardening purposes.

 Not only this, the bar and chain are made from premium material and resist wear and tear to provide the consumer with long-lasting efficiency. We can sum the Ryobi One+ as one of the most robust and versatile portable poles, making a saw currently available on the market.

It has many features up its sleeves and differentiates itself from the competition with its lightweight, extended pole, rechargeable lithium-ion battery, and robust nature.


  • Robust and Versatile
  • Cheap Price as compared to competitors
  • Ryobi’s Warranty Coverage
  • Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery


  • Not suitable for
  • 8” bar length is significantly less

Now you can trim unwanted branches and limbs with precision, power and accuracy. This Oregon’s PS250 Cordless Pole Saw is known for zero emissions. The extendable shaft lets you have access to 15’. The design is ergonomic with a slim cutting head, mid-mount motor so that you can keep your balance while doing the work.

Powerful Battery

The power source of the PS250 is a long-run battery. With the PS250’s long-lasting 40 V lithium-ion battery, you can do your yard work without any difficulty. You can choose the power configuration according to your workload.

There are three options available for it. 2.6 Ah battery pack. 4.0 Ah battery pack, 6.0 Ah battery pack. The battery of PS250 comprises premium cell technology and never fades. Along with the battery, there is a standard C650 charger.

Ergonomic Design

The design of PS250 is ergonomic, allowing it to work without stress and less fatigue and more comfort. The mid-mount motor places most of the weight in the middle of the pole saw. The head of the pole saw is slim and compact, ensuring proper balance.
It is a lightweight design. The design is made in such a way that it vibrates less while working. This cordless pole saw frees you from wires or switching tensions.

Quiet & Powerful

The PS250’s chain is designed to produce low vibrations so that the cutting will be precise and neat. It also has common kickbacks so that cutting limbs or branches would be easier. PS250 is sturdy and powerful in action. It produces less noise as compared to gas models.
It produces four times less noise than those gas models available in the market. It can cut 2-3 diameters of limbs. It has a cutting capacity of 325 cuts. The cuts will be precise even if the cutting is multi-directional. It is a sharp and powerful tool, best for the yard.

Extendable Reach

You can cut overhanging branches and unwanted limbs with precision without any stress. It has an extendable reach of 15 feet from the ground level so that you can have easy access to those hard to reach places. The adjustable collar enables the shaft up to 10.1 for good reach.
With its telescopic reach, it will do all trimming and pruning with accuracy. It weighs only 13.5 lbs. The design also includes a shoulder strap for extra comfortability. You just have to pull the trigger, and it will perform instant action.   PS250 design is compact and easy to handle. The little noise factor adds value. It is residential friendly, and the battery life is great. The pricing is also great according to features. It is less bulky therefore easy to manoeuvre.


  • The battery runs for a long time
  • The design is user friendly with a sturdy grip
  • It comes with easy assemblage
  • It’s worth the price
  • It produces very little noise


  • Chain adjustment might be difficult
  • Shaft adjustment is required to operate

If you are tired of those traditional saws that make a lot of noise, this GreenWorks Cordless Pole Saw is the perfect choice for you from cords and related parts. You just have to charge and use it.  You will be free fr It is best for residential use and DIY projects.

You can use it indoors as well as outdoors. It has a battery power source. It is a complete package. IT is the best and ideal tool for tackling yards even up to ⅓ acres.

Quick battery

Its quick to recharge feature is best for usage as it comes with a 24V along with a 24ah battery. This 24V lithium-ion battery allows you to work efficiently and stress-free. Its quick recharge feature enables one to do temporary work along with less power usage.

It provides fade-free powers and no memory loss even after charging. It comes with a two years warranty for the battery alone. The battery life is long, with a lesser setting overall.

Automatic Oiling

It comes with a feature of automatic oiling for lubrication, which ensures proper friction and continuous lubrication. It has a three-piece aluminium shaft, which is 11 feet in reach and 9 feet in length. The saw has a warranty of 4 years.

The assemblage of the saw is easy. This automatic feature of the saw extends the life of the saw and ensures the durability of the chain. It has a translucent oil tanker to check the level of oil and fill it accordingly.

Range Of Poles

It comes with a flexible range of poles to choose from, such as sweepers, trimmers, chainsaws, drills, compressors, and rounded pole saws. These flexible choices make the work a lot easier and tension free. You can customize and get your job done accordingly.

IT features a 10 inches chain and 8 inches bar with an aluminium shaft, cushioned grip and automatic oiling. It can cut up to 8 inches of wood. The 8 inches chain and bar is perfect for cutting limbs or branches in hard to reach areas.


The best feature of this cordless saw is that it is entirely maintenance-free as there is no manual tension attached to it, such as spark plug, pull cord or gasoline.  It is multipurpose as you decide what you want to do to clear your lawn or backyard from dust. The total weight of the saw is 7.8 lbs. It is easy to handle, and it is user friendly.


  • It is quite lightweight
  • It is user friendly
  • It is convenient in usage as there is no need to pull the cords
  • It is best for residential usage
  • It does not produce much noise


  • The life of a single charge for the battery is not great.
  • It is not best for heavy cuttings.
  • The length provided by the saw is not best for cutting heighted branches.

Buyers Guide:

Electric Pole Saw Advantages

When you cut the branches from tall trees, you most probably use ladders and a non-electric saw that consume much energy and are a lot more hassle to handle. Most of the time, trees are even taller than that using step ladders won’t even work.

But you don’t have to worry about it anymore. It’s a no-brainer that poles saw’s main advantage is making the process of consuming food-cutting easier when you cut from tall trees.

electric pole saw

You don‘t have to balance yourself while cutting limbs and branches. Moreover, you don’t have to deal with the hassle, energy and time.

Without bragging that much, we can say that pole saws are much safer to use than ladder and saws. It reduces the hassle of handling and balancing saws and your body weight, and most importantly, it makes you just focus on one thing-Wood cutting!

Electric, Manual, Gas Powered, Battery Powered & Corded Pole Saws | What’s the Difference?

Yes, we acknowledged that it’s difficult to differentiate between electric, manual, gas-powered and cordless pole saws. But no need to worry about it anymore. Following, we have talked about how they are different from each other? In addition to this, we have also discussed that which one is a better choice:

1. Electric Pole Saw | Lightweight, Easy to Handle & Reach Higher Branches in No-Time!

So, you want to add an electric pole saw in your gardners inventory but not sure if this addition is worth it? Confused about whether it will help you do your job efficiently or not?

Then it’s great news for you, and you can pick it without getting afraid as it is simply lightweight(compared to the battery and gas-powered pole saws!)and an easy to handle saw that helps you deal with higher limbs without any problem.

Most importantly, your arms and shoulders don’t get tired, tense and your muscles remain stress-free. Moreover, it comes up at pocket-friendly rates that don’t need that much care compared to the gas and battery pole saws.

2. Corded, Battery & Gas-Powered Pole Saw | Expensive to Buy, Expensive Maintenance

When it comes to other types of pole saws, such as the corded, battery, and gas-powered pole saws are the ones that are hard on your bank as they crave extra care and time to time maintenance. Meaning that gas ones make you refill the fuel over and over again, Corded ones won’t make your work freely. On the other hand, Battery ones also make you charge again and again. As time passes, batteries consume more time to assess and become dead so quickly-Need replaced with new ones that cost you Bextra.

3. Manual Pole Saw | No Battery Recharge, No-Gas Refill and No Hassle!

Yes, manual or traditional pole saws can also be seen in the market, and no doubt they are pretty much good for limb-cutting, but it may make you feel tired as it will consume your great energy.

Factors To Consider Before Buying?

 Following are the factors that you should keep in mind while making a buying decision:

electric pole saw best wood cutter

See Price Tags Closely

First and foremost, get an idea of at what price you can get your best electric pole saw? For this, go through the market to get a quick view of what costs are being offered? We found that pole saws come up at almost the same prices that other gardening tools come.

Though these tools’ price tags vary depending upon the features and give you a quick idea, we found that low-tier pole saws come up at 100$ while high-tier comes up at 200$, which is quite affordable compared with corded, battery and gas-powered pole saws.

Because Power Matters!

When it comes to buying the pole saw, you should have a hawk-eye on its power factor. With that said, you should keep in mind that an .electric pole saw needs a power switch to graB the electric energy to perform its work.
A cord will be used to transfer the power from the main point to regulate the blade teeth. Also, keep a hawk eye over amperage as it supplies the power to the whole pile saw.

Cutting Capacity

While buying an electric pole saw, you should look at the capacity of your pole saw is? Most probably, you will require low maintenance cutting capacity pole saws-all at one place. Despite this, when it comes to an excellent pole saw, it comes up with a cutting-edge capacity to cut off wood sharply with one to two cuts.

With that said, the electric pole saw’s cutting capacity is to cut thick to thin woods in 4-5 inches diameter.

Bar Length

The bar length is also another crucial factor that you should consider. You can’t deny that it provides you with a cutting area that can be passed easily through the woods. You can measure bar length by measuring the cutting saw body’s to the cutting chain of the pole saw.
You can see that most of the time when a home gardener uses a pole saw, the pole saw bar would remain longer than the thickest diameter the homeowner is about to cut. In this whole article, you can identify that we are moving around 8-10 inches options in too much demand from users.

Maximum Overhead Reach

No doubt that maximum overreach capability is the top feature that a person can not deny its importance. You should be aware of how far your pole saw can reach and touch the highest limbs and branches all the time?
It offers the flexibility of reaching out the branches to the top in a  controlled and safe manner. However, if you end up with a pole saw containing more outreach, you will experience the extra weight that may be tiresome to handle.
It mostly ranges between 10-15 ft with a telescoping bar, not to mention that your height with extended arms is included in it.


Yup, this is the most ignored factor that a person may regret not paying attention to. It’s a no-brainer that wood-cutting consumes a lot of time, RIGHT? You will mostly spend long hours cutting the batches of limbs and branches. If it is high in weight, then it will make you feel tired and lethargic even in the beginning.

Most of the time, you will find that these products come up with 10 lbs or less weight. However, it’s a SOLID fact that you can work for long hours without getting tired if the pole is light in weight.


Last but not least, look at how many years of warranty your pole saw’s manufacturer is offering? Usually, if your pole saw comes up at an exceptional price, the company will stand at the back of it. Though cheaper product’s manufacturers also offer a warranty, it will just last for a short time. 

Some More Factors to Keep in Mind…..

OK! So we have discussed the entire crucial factor above, but still, there are some important remaining factors that we thought we should also mention over below:

  1. Ergonomic Handles-(Easy to hold)
  2. Anti-Vibrations- (Comforts You on Long Trimming Sessions!)
  3. Length Extensions- (Offers Secure Connection)
  4. Low-Kickback Chains- (Great Feature for Experts)
  5. Automatic Oiler- (Saves Time)

How To Safely Use an Electric Pole Saw?

OK, so you’ve got your electric pole chainsaw in your hand but don’t know how to use that? No worries, we will guide you on how you do that!

electric pole saw best tools for wood cutter

1. Clear Up Space

About to start cutting the tree branches off from the tree? Hold on! The place you have planned to use and done the cutting process should be clutter-free, and if it is not, what are you waiting for?
Go ahead, mess-free the place, and clear the space from dangerous things, so the people don’t get injured.

2. Identify Area Where You Want to Cut

Yes, you can’t use the pole saw right away. You need first to identify the place from where you should start cutting the branches. Figure out where you need to make your cuts.
First, observe, mark the site, and then the idea how much work it requires and then move towards the next step.

3. Cutting-Off Lower Branches First

 When you start cutting off the branches, you have to plan to reach the tallest units?  Which eventually means that you will cut down the lower limbs first.

 It will give you a quick overview of how you can do clear-cut, smooth and seamless cuts to cut down the highest branches. So, first, you have to cut off the stems.

4. Make Your Position RIGHT

No doubt, RIGHt position is the thing that you should not ignore at any cost. Otherwise, you may end up with any damage or injury. To avoid this, make a position that safeguards yourself when a branch falls.
The correct position is to stand by the side of the branch that you are about to cut with the pole saw. Standing right below the branch is quite dangerous for your health.
Moreover, don’t forget to hold the pole saw’s Pole at the level of your chest so you can adjust it while cutting the branches off from the tallest trees.

5. Adjust Pole’s Length

This is the point where you will adjust the length of your pole saw. For this, you need to go through the manual to get the guidelines.
Next, keeping the pole at your chest level, you have to stretch out the pole until the blade reaches and touches the lowest tree branch.

6. Don’t Forget to Set Blade.

Now it’s time to set up your pole saw blades. For this, when your pole saw starts touching the branch which you have a desire to cut, stop moving your rod and start balancing and controlling it sits your weight with your hands.
Once controlled, start moving the blade saw but don’t vigorously cut off the branches right away.

7. Begun Cutting

In the beginning, it is not recommended to start cutting fastly. Instead, keep your strokes slow, as making your first cuts can make wood-cutting much harder.
However, if you are cutting the limbs and lower branches, you can move your hands fast as they can be handled that way without any damage.

8. End Cutting Process

Once your saw has created the grove, you can fasten up the cutting strokes. Here, don’t forget to keep an eye test on the deeper cuts. Why? It indicates where the branch will fall.
Whether you are standing in the right and thinking you are safe, you are not in reality. It can still fall on you and injure you so, be careful.

9. Clean Mess & Prepare For Next Cut

When you are all done cutting the trees and their branches, it’s time to clean up the mess created on their own when cutting off the woods. For this, gather and tie up all the already cut woods at one site and then go for the next fresh cut!

Wrapping it Up

Yup, it’s a pain in the vein when you are not a giraffe and cannot reach higher and lower tree limbs. To solace your dilemma, electric pole saws pop up to rescue you and make the wood-cutting procedure much smoother.
For this, we have added our best efforts to share the first person tested experiences, guidelines on how you can grab the electric saw according to your needs and requirements. Not just that, we have even shared some options to make your buying process easier, as well as how you can safely operate the electric pole saw to do your job.
In a nutshell, we have summarized and tried to help you get your imagined best electric pole saw!

FAQs: Your Electric Saw Queries Answered Here!

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Electric pole saw is the answer to your problem. Not only will pole saw help you reach the highest branches without any ladder, but you can also move freely in the space the way you want.

Go for electric one if you want to see your work done quickly, go for manual one if you are OK to fill an extra bag of efforts and go for Battery or gas-powered pole saws if you have a big budget for their maintenance.

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